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Kathleen R. Catanese

Kathleen R. Catanese

  • SPN Mentor

My research interests are in the areas of social exclusion and belongingness, forgiveness, and sex & gender. More recently, my interests have also expanded to the area of peace, conflict, and social justice. I am the former principal investigator and co-director of a National Institutes of Health Division of Minority Opportunities in Research Bridges to the Baccalaureate grant. The misson of this program, called Bridges to Success in the Sciences, is to encourage underrepresented students to pursue degrees in biomedical and behavioral science and to provide support and mentorship to students as they transfer to and complete their science education at a four year institution.

Primary Interests:

  • Aggression, Conflict, Peace
  • Gender Psychology
  • Helping, Prosocial Behavior
  • Self and Identity
  • Social Cognition

Journal Articles:

  • Baumeister, R. F., Catanese, K. R. , Campbell, W. K., & Tice, D. M. (2000). Nature, culture, and explanations for erotic plasticity: Reply to Andersen, Cyranowski, and Aarestad and to Hyde and Durik. Psychological Bulletin, 126, 385-389.
  • Baumeister, R. F., Catanese, K. R., & Vohs, K. D. (2001). Is there a gender difference in strength of sex drive? Theoretical views, conceptual distinctions, and a review of relevant evidence. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 5(3), 242-273.
  • Baumeister, R. F., Catanese, K. R., & Wallace, H. M., (2002). Conquest by force: A narcissistic reactance theory of rape and sexual coercion. Review of General Psychology, 6, 92-135.
  • Twenge, J. M., Catanese, K. R., & Baumeister, R. F. (2003). Social exclusion and the deconstructed state: Time perception, meaninglessness, lethargy, lack of emotion, and self-awareness. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 85, 409-423.
  • Twenge, J. M., Catanese, K. R., & Baumeister, R. F. (2002).Social exclusion causes self-defeating behavior. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 83, 606-615.
  • Twenge, J. M, Zhang, L., Catanese, K. R., Dolan-Pascoe, B., Lyche, L. R., & Baumeister, R. F. (2007). Replenishing connectedness: Reminders of social activity reduce aggression after social exclusion. British Journal of Social Psychology, 46, 205-224.

Other Publications:

  • Baumeister, R. F., & Catanese, K. R. (2001). Victims and perpetrators provide discrepant accounts: Motivated cognitive distortions about interpersonal transgressions. In J. Forgas, K. Williams, & L. Wheeler (Eds.), The Social Mind (pp. 274-293). New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Catanese, K. R., & Tice, D. M. (2005). The effect of rejection on anti-social behaviors: Social exclusion produces aggressive behaviors. In K. D. Williams, J. P. Forgas, & W. Von Hippel (Eds.), The Social Outcast: Ostracism, Social Exclusion, Rejection, and Bullying. New York: Psychology Press.
  • Vohs, K. D., Catanese, K. R., & Baumeister, R. F. (2004). Sex in "his" vs. "her" relationships. In J. Harvey, S. Sprecher, & A. Wenzel (Eds.), Handbook of Sexuality in Close Relationships. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Courses Taught:

  • Child Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • Lifespan Psychology
  • Psychology of Gender
  • Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • Psychology of Personality
  • Research Methods and Statistics
  • Social Psychology

Kathleen R. Catanese
Division of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts
Cuyahoga Community College
11000 Pleasant Valley Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44130
United States of America

  • Phone: (216) 987-5491
  • Fax: (216) 987-5612

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